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Area of use fur our products and units are very wide, with induce some of our products:

1. Varios springs, procron steel, from 0,3 up to 20mm


2. Various tooted wheel, bottle and units with rubber pracing rings


3. Various premises of a knife industry of a feed and premise fur a meat industry


4. Various cast screw bolt as well as higher dimensions


5. Metal iron or steel parts produced based on drawing or against samples. Glide bearings and bushes from bronze in continual or centrifugal casting in applying Crooning tehcnologies, with this technolody recieve good Qualities, chemical structure Attest guarenteed


6. All grades Redder or Gall-Chain (Casting technology process and Lamallae) for silos mills and mines and similar


7. All grinding and processing of the turning machine tool against a subscription or sample process


8. As well as maintains possibilities manufacture for Spider from procron steel for glass facade installation, supplied with chemical structure and physical persistent certificate issued by factory Krushik Valjevo laboratory


9. Microliv

Designing and the production of tools of high precision is done according to world standards. The development of the tools is done using modern programs (CAD, CAM), and the tools themselves are produced on modern CNC machines.
We also produce spare parts for processing industry according to technical documentation.

Technology of micro casting:
The technology of micro casting can be used for all types of steel. Casting made through this procedure demands very little machine processing. For example, we make casting with wall thickness of 1mm up to a weight of 2000 grams.
Soluble wax models and ceramic molds enable the production of very intricate parts.
In the crystallization procedure, the physical and metallurgical parameters that affect the micro structure and the mechanical properties of the casts can be controlled.

The waxy mass is injected in the chamber. The wax model is glued on to the central intake. The wax cluster is coated in ceramic mass, and then dipped in quartz sand(this procedure needs to repeated several times). The wax is melted and then drained from the dried ceramic clusters and the shell is formed. Metal is poured in to the annealed shell. The shell is detached from the metal cluster.


Working pump for submersible pumps



Parts for agricultural mechanization


Parts for auto industry






Technology adapter for individual or small line production and mechanical and thermal - chemical processing.
Commercial general based on production for known customer.
It is possible to contract based on owner documentation, standard or model.