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Cedomir SuknovicThe commercial enterprise Tehno-Gradac. The program of manufacture maintains from the wide special programs of the tool, accessories and equipment parts, tehnological processing of material with edges, volumes and form and control procedure resulting as follow:

- For industry of process, industry of a feed and agriculture industry
- Designing, production and special mounting tools, control tools and production processing execution
- Designing, production and installing optoelectronic control sensor on a basis optoelectronic laser

For this realization we implied high qualified personal B. Sc. mechanical engineers and mechanical engineering masters simultaneously in possession mechanical technologies the machine as follow:

- CNC "numerically controlled breeding machine working volumes 900x400mm
- The turning machine tool in a new fashion generation, working volumes 3000x750mm
- Polish and grinding machine: for plan grinding and round grinding and tooted wheel manufacturing of a wheel of a tooth system Fauter
- Mini - cast iron units with possibilities of steel casting , crom nickel steel casting with Crooning process with precession from 0,1 mm with high precised flat processing
- Mini - smiths unit, press with press power of 300 tons
- Excenter press for cold pressing from  5mm up to 30 tons
- Machine for spring production
- Roller - sheet mill for for shit up to 10 mm

Installed production capacities are modern premise and numerical controlled machines, with the possibilities high precise and complicated tools production 15 years tradition are high qualities production guarantee.


Cedomir Suknovic Cedomir Suknovic Cedomir Suknovic Cedomir Suknovic Cedomir Suknovic